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Orlando Shakes Playfest 2021


I am currently working towards Grad School, and will be attending URTA's 2022.

Afterwards, the sky's the limit. 


Sissy Anne Quaranta

Actor ~ Improvisor ~ Singer ~ Dancer



Headshot by Hughes Fioretti


If we're going to be cannon accurate, my first theatrical production was Charlotte's Web. My mom was Charlotte and she was pregnant with me. And if this was Jimmy Fallon, I'd absolutely say I was born to this. I grew up being in local productions and singing in every choir I could get into. In 5th grade, I fought to be in the elementary school choir that was only allowed for 6th graders and won. My Sophomore year of high school, I auditioned for Denver School of the Arts as a Vocal major, and attended DSA my Junior and Senior years.


After receiving my BA in Theatre and Music/Dance Minors from Kansas State University, I worked at Busch Gardens Williamsburg as a Park Vocal Swing before moving to Chicago, where I decided to study comedy and improv at Second City and iO, the scariest thing I could think of. While having an insane amount of fun learning the art of improv, I explored the Chicago Storefront Theatre scene with various companies, devising new work while experiencing the multitudes Chicago has to offer. I studied commercial acting at The Green Room and was a founding member of the CTAA, a unified audition for Non-Equity actors to be seen by Equity theatre, dedicated to inclusion and accessibility within the Chicago Theatre community. 


I became an ensemble member at iO Chicago and the CIC after graduating from iO before moving to Florida with a contract as an Understudy for Feld Entertainment's Jurassic Word Live. Turns out my heart was stronger than my body and I had to leave the contract due to injuries. I am fortunate enough to always have a home to come back to, so after recovering with my parents in Orlando, I was cast in a year round dinner theatre comedy show, Teatro Martini, where I performed for roughly 2 years. I had the pleasure of participating in Orlando Shake's 2019 and 2021 Playfest as well as became a beloved Donder Elf at SeaWorld, returning to theme parks, where it all began.

I decided to take the time the world didn't know we'd get in 2020 to really define what kind of a performer I wanted to be, which has lead me on the journey to Grad School. I unconditionally recognize it’s my responsibility to break down the doors that have been long guarded so needed perspectives can have the spotlight. I am not the most important person in the room; I am one part of a whole. I think we can all agree after the past couple years we can’t do this alone. We have to have each other’s backs.


There's a part of me I have yet to discover, and I fully believe committing to a rigorous training program will help me define the artist I wish to be in the world. I participated in URTA's 2021, and after receiving a few offers, I decided to defer until 2022 simply because so much was still so uncertain. The most wonderful thing about being an artist is we really do have all the time in the world to find our most right selves. I'm excited to start this next journey to realizing my full potential. 


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